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At Attentives® you buy marketing support products, such as premiums, promotional gifts, POS material, merchandise, and print materials to guarantee quality and delivery time and to achieve purchasing advantages in the interest of your brand/company.

With more than 20 years of product knowledge and creative solutions, you can purchase the most beautiful and practical marketing materials from Attentives®.

"Don't find customers for your products,

find products for your customers".

Seth Godin

Successful author and marketing guru

About Attentives®

You can purchase effective marketing materials to increase brand awareness, to create brand perception, to promote sales, and to value loyalty at Attentives®.

Are you looking for a supplier who knows what is needed for effective marketing and customer/employee appreciation? Do you want honest advice, that's in the best interest of your business? Do you like to work with a supplier, who is like a partner, who tries to find the best solutions, while also keeping an eye on the costs? Then contact us now. Please contact Attentives® for an introductory meeting.  

Products & services

Attentives® makes a difference in the promotional sector with these products and services.


Products printed with a logo increase brand awareness and boost sales.

Promotional gifts

Giveaways for employees and business contacts as a token of your appreciation and to promote loyalty.

POS material

Supports the sale of products in retail and hospitality and it increases the attention and awareness of your brand.

Print materials

Supports the sale of products in retail and hospitality and it increases the attention and awareness of your brand.

Handling & Assembly

Endless solutions for packaging, repackaging, stickering, and the assembly of loose materials or packages.

Logistics & distribution

We are happy to take the storage, transshipment, or distribution of products and parcels off your hands.

Online shop modules

The cloud solutions offer address modules, stock management, webshops, and gift ideas that are tailored to your needs.

As a customer of Attentives you get

Access to an extensive network of manufacturers, importers, and printers, so you can have an attractive (tailor-made) solution for every occasion, action, and campaign.

Personal advice and attention to guarantee quality, creativity, and the delivery time and to realize a purchasing advantage—no piles of catalogues or scrolling between thousands of articles in a webshop.

Access to additional services such as logistics, online shop modules, import & export, and graphic design.

Timely deliverythanks to smooth running internal processes and clear communication, that ensure the agreed upon execution of production and delivery.

Need inspiration?

OK, we may not be an ultra-creative advertising agency, but we have excellent and inspiring ideas. Would you like to plan a fun and creative brainstorming session? 

Our core values


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(diligence, commitment, quality)

(for people, culture, and nature)

(enthusiasm, fun)

(openness, long-term commitment)

(responsibility, honor existing commitments)