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Premiums and promotional products

Attentives® works differently...

Do you always get those piles of catalogs sent to you? Can't see the forest for the trees when you scroll through thousands of articles from an online promotional supplier? Attentives® works differently. The focus lies on customization and personal advice.

Personal advice & customisation

Attentives® knows the market and the trends well. In order to ensure that your company can present itself as uniquely and effectively as possible, we prefer to work on customized products. Attentives® wants to prove that customization can also be advantageous.

"Don't find customers for your products, find products for your customers

Seth Godin

Author and Marketing Guru

What are premiums?

A premium is given free of charge when you purchase a product, which makes it stand out and encourages sales. Sometimes a premium is offered "on-pack" (i.e., packaged with the product), or you can get it for free or for a small fee at checkout.

Promotional items

Promotional items are products that bear a logo or a slogan and are distributed free of charge to promote a brand, event, or corporate identity. These items are very suitable to promote brand awareness and brand perception.


A gadget is an innovative and cleverly designed item, often electronics-related. The technology or design used is so ingenious and innovative in the eyes of the interested party, or is presented as such, that it is made attractive for consumers.

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