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Attentives® offers better solutions for companies, when it comes to the procurement of marketing materials, by using an extensive network of manufacturers, importers, and printing companies.

We want to make sure that companies receive good advice when they procure marketing materials. Quality and creativity need to be offered at the best price and in the interest of the customer.

To achieve this, Attentives® ensures that customers, suppliers, and partners receive adequate attention in order to establish a long-term relationship.

Excellent and clear communication results in exceeded expectation. With more than 20 years of product knowledge, and an extensive network in Europe and Asia, Attentives® can provide the most beautiful and practical marketing materials.


"Attention is everything."

Ronald van der Gaag

Ronald van der Gaag (Netherlands)

Founder / Owner

Ronald van der Gaag (Netherlands)

In 2019 I started Attentives®, with the mindset that customers can be better served within the promotional market. By 'better' I mean that more can be done in the interest of the client. I was just doing a little bit more than what was expected of me. After all, there is so much more than just stacks of catalogs and online webshops with tens of thousands of articles. In the world of Attentives®, good quality, on-time delivery, and creative solutions are the standard.

The name
Attentives® is a derivative of the words
attentive and attentionbecause everything in marketing is about attention. With real attention you achieve more. The better I do my job, the more effective our client's marketing is.

I want to give our customers the assurance that we are always doing our utmost to deliver the best quality at the best price. With a large network of manufacturers, importers, and printing companies, Attentives® knows its way around Europe and beyond. We can offer a suitable solution for every project.

Product range
I have been active in the promotional sector since 1998, with a background in premiums, merchandise, and business gifts. Before Attentives® was founded I was co-responsible for the purchase of marketing materials for Coca-Cola in the Benelux for three years, with the aim of guaranteeing quality and delivery times and achieving savings through harmonization and consolidation. The diversity of articles, such as premiums, glassware, shop displays, win items, point of sale materials, hospitality materials, printing, sustainable solutions, and print management, has broadened my product knowledge and experience. This knowledge was used for the product range that Attentives® now supplies. We can offer creative solutions in the field of marketing materials and additional services in many other sectors.

Good advice
As a customer you must be able to rely on good advice, so that you are not faced with any surprises later. After all, this can affect the success of the marketing campaign. Attentives® understands that the quality of an item must be in line with the desired objective and budget. Attentives® ensures that the price is competitive and in accordance with the market. Clients will also be able to procure responsibly.

The interests of our customers come first, and we also negotiate/act on behalf of our customers, because we know that a partnership is even more successful this way. Moreover, I believe in long-term relationships, both with customers and suppliers.

I hope we can welcome many great brands and companies, large and small, to the Attentives® customer base.

You are always welcome for a cup of coffee and a good conversation.

Kind regards,

Ronald van der Gaag (Netherlands)
+44 1442 968560