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Assembly & handling work

For Attentives®, Werkse! is the ideal partner for handling and assembly work. Here's a small selection of the activities that Werkse! takes care of for Attentives®:

  • packing of gift packages
  • packing of POS packages
  • repackaging of articles
  • sort items
  • Preparing mailboxes with contents for shipping
  • items with shipping labels for distribution
  • repackaging articles in own boxes
  • Protecting and packing items for shipment
  • shipping envelopes with stickers
  • and much more...

Apart from the fact that Werkse! has professional materials at its disposal, has efficient processes, its own warehouse and offers competitive rates, the company is very socially involved in the region. The cooperation with Werkse! is excellent and smooth. We always agree on the quality.


Mission and vision of Werkse!

"Everyone matters and has a better chance of success through work. We at Werkse! are convinced of that, and that's why we do what we do. Work makes people happier, and happy people make society more beautiful.

In an involved, enterprising and result-oriented way, we guide people to suitable work, so that no one has to stand on the sidelines. We do not do this alone. We expressly seek cooperation with employers and other organisations in Delft and surroundings. With respect for each other's knowledge, expertise and role, we increase the impact we can have on the welfare of our target group: people distant from the labour market.

For more information, please visit www.werkse.nl