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Promotional gifts

Attentives® works differently...

Do you always get piles of catalogs sent to you? Can't see the forest for the trees when you scroll through thousands of articles from an online supplier of business gifts or gift packages? Attentives® works differently. The focus lies on customization and personal advice.

Loyalty is worth gold

We all like to be surprised with a thoughtful gift. A business gift or surprise package that shows thought and effort, has an impact on the appreciation and loyalty of clients and staff members. Attentives® knows how to surprise people with a nice and good gift.

What is a promotional gift?

A business gift is a gift or package that is given on behalf of a company to customers, employees, or business contacts as a token of appreciation. A business gift is usually printed with a logo and promotes loyalty.

The packaging of a business gift completes the gift experience. There are many (sustainable) possibilities.

You can add the name of the recipient to the items, or the packaging, to make it even more personal. And a personal message or a nice postcard really makes it complete. We will be happy to advise you on the possibilities.

Need inspiration?

OK, we may not be an ultra-creative advertising agency, but we have excellent and inspiring ideas. Would you like to plan a fun and creative brainstorming session? 

Wine & Champagne

Choose between more than 400 wines and champagnes. All wines and champagnes can be beautifully and uniquely packaged and printed with your logo or a text.

Attentives® delivers magnificent champagnes from stock or directly from the champagne house (on request) and can be distributed if desired.




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