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Cloud solutions

Discover the Attentives® cloud solutions that can save you a great deal of time and money. All processes and modules are designed to be as efficient, secure and result-oriented as possible for every type of organisation. You can see some examples of existing modules below. All modules can be adapted to the processes in your organisation.


Attentives® shop modules

Address module

Would you like to send your customers, employees or business relations a nice gift, but would rather not ask for personal address details?

Then the Attentives address module is the solution.

Tip: in this way you can easily send a nice gift to participants of a webinar or online meeting. Simple and fast!

Gift selection module

Would you like to surprise your employees with a nice gift that they can choose themselves from a pre-selected selection?

Then the Attentives gift selection module is the solution.

Tip: this way, you can also easily make a precise pre-selection, enabling you to buy gifts efficiently and cost-effectively.


Shop module

Do you want to make marketing materials, such as promotional items, printed matter and gifts available in one shop in your organisation?

Then the shop module is the solution.

Tip: you do not need to order all items in stock. Many items can also be delivered to order in a few working days.

Inventory module

Do you want different departments or locations to 'sign up' to jointly purchase marketing materials and thus realise purchasing advantages?

Then the Attentives inventory module is the cost-saving solution.

Tip: do you want to buy stock and know in advance how many items a department or location will need? Then you can also use the inventory module.

Would you like a demo or to make an appointment for advice?

Then contact Attentives® to discuss the possibilities. In many cases the module is free of charge in combination with a project or production order.